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Michael Riensche

Action Aircraft Brokers specializes in Single, Multi Engine, and Turboprop Aircraft Sales and Acquisitions for both Domestic and Foreign clients. Our joy is in helping you find the aircraft you are seeking.

Action Aircraft's commitment:

Action Aircraft Brokers is committed to helping you sell your existing aircraft. If you are searching for an aircraft to buy, our consultative style clarifies your needs and desires, allowing us to identify and find just the right aircraft for you.

We are committed to you through the entire purchase process. Our initial discussions will help determine what you want and need. We will negotiate a fair price and arrange pre-purchase inspections. We will work with our business partners to complete all the paperwork and closing procedures. And, finally, our service to you will continue into arranging delivery of your newly purchased aircraft to your home airport. If your home airport is out of the U.S., we will arrange for all the necessary export procedures and the ferrying of your aircraft to anywhere in the world.

Action Aircraft Brokers' staff enjoys serving our clients. It is our joy to help you.